This blog was originally for Droid owners, as well as Droid would-be owners…then I decided to broaden the scope to become yet-another tech blog.

I’m Scott Doty, and I’ve been involved with computers and networks since 1984. I am co-founder and part-owner of, Inc., where we sell Verizon gear…including Droids.

But I am a tech evangelist first, and a business person second — I’m not evangelizing the Droid just because we sell them, but because I think the device — and Android in general — has tremendous potential.  Indeed: in my view, the Droid is much more potent than an iPhone.

I should note that folks who know me know that I am a Linux advocate and a Linux evangelist. That’s one reason I like the Droid: it is an embedded Linux system, running Java applications, with outstanding specs. The possibilities are endless.