I wrote a comment on a news story posted by +NBCNews on Google+, linked here:


It reads as follows:

+Jimmy Norris The reason you don’t see other party members being elected is that the legacy media doesn’t take them seriously, so they don’t get the same press coverage.

Meanwhile, the people who own the legacy media like to keep us divided, “red vs. blue”. It’s “trolling for dollars” — good for ratings, and supports the status quo. Look who is in power in DC, and look who owns the legacy media. This is no longer “red vs. blue” but “up vs. down”.

Fortunately, this new media, this Net, is an end-run around the established structures that abuse the populace. For instance, take the Arab Spring — could it have happened without the Net? I doubt it.

By the way, I guess you could say I’m a “war veteran” as I served during Gulf War I. But I never saw combat, nor did I even end up in Iraq. And U.S. troops were effectively in & out in something like a month. Much different than today.

I firmly believe everybody has a conscience — just that some people learn to not listen to it. There are vets coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan today who were taught to ignore their consciences, and many have crises. Meanwhile, that word — conscience — is almost never used nowadays, even though it is more important than ever.

What our governments seem to have forgotten is that there will always be people of conscience to blow the whistle on evildoers. Maybe our governments should learn to be on the right side of history, rather than authoritarian, oppressive, and draconian.

And finally, for those of who who think “it can’t happen here in America”, I have only this to say: It already has.