ITX Media PC Case

ITX Media PC Case

First, the setup:  For my entertainment center, I built a small media PC, which runs Fedora Linux.


Missing from this list was Arctic Silver thermal compound, which I had to apply to keep the processor from overheating.  Also missing: the HDMI cable, which carries the audio & video to a Sony digital tuner.

And also missing:  a Blu-ray/DVD  drive would be nice, but I have a Sony Blu-Ray player that handles the playback chores separately from the media PC.  Eventually it will have a drive, but I don’t need one at the moment…and in a pinch, you can use a DVD drive from another computer over NFS.

So I installed Fedora Linux on the unit from a “live” image on a USB flash drive.  Once that was installed, I added the Livna and Rpmfusion yum repositories with commands similar to the following (run as root):

# rpm -ivh
# rpm -ivh
# yum update

Once all that is up-to-date, you’ll probably want to install some extras off the repositories that make media handling much easier…

# yum install akmod-nvidia # drivers for Nvidia chipsets only
# yum install mplayer # media player/converter with massive capabilities
# yum install vlc # videolan client -- video player/converter w/gui controls
# yum install pavucontrol # pulseaudio advanced control application
# yum install pulseaudio-utils # needed for pasuspender, if using AC3 passthrough to a digital tuner
# yum install compiz-fusion ccsm emerald # needed for GPU-enabled zoom and other desirable features

Since wordpress takes issue with my formatting above, I’ve put the commands into a script, which should be run as root.

The latter package is a matter of personal preference.  I like the flexibility of compiz’s zoom feature, but all the video clients I use can be fullscreened.

One package I’ve left out is Adobe Flash — something I’ll address in another post.  But!  There is 64-bit Adobe Flash for Linux, found here.

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