Title really says it all: Software engineers are the best logicians.

In a debate, someone might get away with a logical fallacy…but such a thing won’t work when programming a computer.

So if you ask me, said software engineers have the most experience of anyone in thinking with precise logic.

Maybe that’s why the greatest logic FAQ _evah(!)_ came from Usenet…specifically, alt.atheism. It’s current incarnation can be found here:



I used to use Palm, from my Palm Treo 600p to my final Palm device, a Palm Treo 755p.

I loved the flexibility and the open architecture — anybody could write a Palm OS app, and anybody else could install it.

But now, I bought a Droid.  Droid’s are much more modern than that creaky old Palm OS — they are tiny embedded Linux boxes running Java applications.

By default, the Droid won’t install arbitrary applications — but this can be enabled in the settings.  Indeed, one can also enable communications between the Droid and the Android SDK via the USB cable.  This includes the ability to capture screenshots, such as this one:

Settings > Applications > Development

And Java developers can write their own apps for the Droid…as indeed, many have.

Settings > Applications > Development